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Your Raft


Your raft must not be over 9 metres in length or have any means of propulsion other than paddles or oars. Ensure that your paddles/oars are suitable, in particular, make sure that they are long enough to be used comfortably for several hours. The minimum number of paddlers for each raft is 2 and the maximum is 10. Also remember that you will have to carry, push or pull the raft at the start and finish so the heavier it is the more you have to lift!

Your raft must be made of materials which will not harm the environment or cause danger to other participants. Plastics which could disintegrate, particularly polystyrene are prohibited. Any material used must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any risk of water contamination. Care must be taken to ensure that any protrusions from the raft are not likely to cause injury if they strike other rafts or participants.
All rafts will be inspected prior to launch and any which do not comply with these requirements will be disqualified and will not be permitted to enter the river.
You will be sent a registration number which will need to be marked so as to be clearly visible on both sides of the raft. The numbers must be at least 12” high.

Recovering your raft
from the river


You are responsible for removing all of the parts of your raft at the end of the race and for leaving the start and finish area as tidy as possible. In the event your raft has to be abandoned along the course, or breaks up, you will have to ensure removal of all parts as soon as is practical. If this is not done, any costs incurred by The Rotary Club of Totnes will be charged to you.
You will need to collect your raft from the finish and have available a vehicle and driver able to collect your crew if you are unable to complete the course.

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