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Breaking the barrier

Totnes Rotary helped with the brilliant Lifeworks Breaking the Barrier Surf Day on Bigbury beach. With Dan Archer of Upbeet Catering we provided burgers and hot dogs for over 300 young surfers, their families, friends and the team of volunteers.

The Totnes Rotary team with Dan Archer ready for action

Brian Harty newly appointed head of Lifeworks said,

"It was my first Breaking the Barrier event and it was a truly amazing day.

I was so struck by seeing the joy on the faces of the young people catching the waves and the delight on the faces of the families watching.

I was so impressed by the enthusiasm of the surfing instructors and volunteers in the water helping the young people stand up on their boards and ride the waves in.

I was so grateful for all the people who volunteered their time, energy and skills to make the event run so smoothly, whether that was organising slots, fitting wetsuits, cooking burgers, playing tunes, doing arts/crafts, taking photos or supporting the young people on the day.

It has been a pleasure reading the feedback and comments from surfers, supporters, veterans and novices.

So, a big Thank You to you all for making this such a wonderful day for so many people!"

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