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The Route


The event takes place on the River Dart starting at Dart Meadow Buckfastleigh and finishing at Vire Island Totnes.

The course is approximately 13 km long and there are 3 weirs and numerous other obstacles to negotiate. If the water level is  low you will need to pull, push or carry your raft at certain points on the course.

Rafts will be launched in arrival order at approximately 1 minute intervals from 08.00

The Start Field

You should arrive at the start field between 07.00 and 09.00. The entrance is opposite the ‘Furzeleigh Mill’ public house and because of the orientation of the gateway, vehicle entry will only be permitted from the Ashburton side so you should leave the A38 at the ‘Peartree’ junction. Do not approach from the Buckfastleigh/Totnes junction.

Ample parking is available at the start please do not park on the road or roadside verge, this will cause an obstruction. Before the raft is unloaded, the team leader should report to the check-in desk and produce the signed entry forms and sponsorship forms. Once your raft is unloaded in the assembly area all vehicles will need to move to the parking area.

There will be a compulsory safety briefing for team leaders before raft launch. On completion of the briefing team leaders will be issued with a wristband. Without the wristband a raft will not be permitted onto the water. All rafts will be inspected and once approved Rafts will be launched from 08.00

The Finish


The finish line as at Vire Island Totnes by the Totnes Town Bridge.

Rafts are removed from the river at the slipway near the Dart Totnes Rowing Club. The slipway is about 300 metres beyond the finish.  If your crew needs help,  boats will be available to tow your raft to the removal point.

You will need to make arrangements to have your raft transport moved to the raft removal area near the Dart Totnes Rowing Club at Longmarsh Totnes where further parking is available. The access road to Longmarsh will be closed to the public and only authorised vehicles will be permitted to enter the car park. Your team will be issued with 2 parking permits. We will need a mobile phone number for your support vehicle driver in case we need to contact them during the race.

Finish Fair

The Finish Fair

Vire Island Totnes is the venue for the Raft Race Finish Fair. 

Cheer your favourites as they cross the finish line.


You will find up to date information about the progress of the rafts, listen to live music, visit numerous stalls and buy refreshments.


Parking (fee payable) is available in the Totnes Town Centre Car Parks.


PLEASE NOTE: Morrisons Supermarket Car Park is private property and is reserved for customers visiting the shop. There is also a 2 hour parking limit which is enforced by number plate recognition cameras.

There are spaces available, free of charge for charities, for stalls at the finish fair. You can book a space 

Where Can I Watch
The Race?

PLEASE NOTE: Never enter onto the railway line which follows the river for much of the route. Trains will be running all day and trespass on the line is a criminal offence


There are a limited number of places to see the race. Possible viewing points are;


Staverton Bridge

Recommended viewing point. There will be free parking available and refreshments for sale at the Station Cafe.
Please follow the instructions of the Marshals at all times, do not obstruct the road or the bridge.
It is a short walk from the bridge to where the crews have their refreshment stop.


Totnes - Vire Island

See the finish from here. There will be a finish fair with entertainment, stalls and refreshments. Bring the family and enjoy the day.


Dartington Estate

There is parking available on the estate (fee payable) and a network of public footpaths which allow access alongside the river.


There are few places along the A384 to park safely. You must not obstruct the road at any time. Devon and Cornwall Police will take steps to enforce the law against vehicle drivers if obstructions are caused.


Austin's Bridge
There is very limited parking along the A384 - do not obstruct the bridge itself.


Riverford Bridge

There is very limited parking along the A384 - do not obstruct the bridge itself.

Where to Watch the Race
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